Clewiston High School

Clewiston High School was the first in the State of Florida to bring a telecommunications lab online at the high school level. The obvious choice for us was SAVE Corporation and their telecommunications system.

Tony and his company are very user friendly. They walked us through the decision making process, offering their guidance in selecting the configuration that was just right for our needs. We decided on a six station training simulator, allowing us to have 2 students at each station. Tony and his crew were here for each step of the installation, (that they coordinated with our schedule), and provided training so that we were comfortable with our software. If we experience any problems (there has been one and it was user error) they are right there to assist us! The school changed our classroom and the complete system had to be moved. That was very intimidating for me! SAVE Corporation had two employees on a conference call with us walking us through the process of dismantling the simulators and them getting them back on line!

We are getting ready to graduate our sixth class of state certified telecommunicators. Our students are finding employment right out of high school. The students have been employed at local sheriff’s departments and police departments. We get calls on a regular basis looking for certified telecommunicators. One of our students needed to find a way to pay for college. We tell them to learn to use someone else’s money whenever possible, so she applied at a local university and got the job! Not only is she employed at a well-paying job, in a state retirement program, but she gets free semester hours for being an employee of the university! Now, that is learning to use someone else’s money!

This past year one of our graduates was the telecommunicator of the year for the Palm Beach Fire District, Western Division. We are experiencing such success with our program!



Our county, Hendry County, is usually number two in unemployment in the state. The telecommunications program offers the students a way to get into their career field and have their education paid for.  They realize that telecommunications is a great career choice and often, at the same time, offers them an opportunity to work at an agency, make their presence known and be considered for other opportunities. One of our students was just selected out of their telecommunications area to attend the police academy. That was part of her plan to eventually reach her goal using someone else’s money!

Most of these students who go to work in the telecommunications field are making as much as their parents do working in the agriculture industry, the backbone of our community. This program is life changing! And SAVE Corporation is the company that allowed us to prepare the students to excel.

The use of the CAD system and simulator is geared for public safety. However, we have found that the tools the students gain using the system also extrapolate over to dispatch for large utility companies, (they do emergency calls), cable companies, moving companies and other industries that utilize fleet services. They all use CAD systems and our students enter those jobs with knowledge that allows them to excel!

Thank you SAVE Corporation! Best decision we ever made!

Kristine Petersen

Assistant Chief of Police (Ret.)


Clewiston High School

1501 S. Francisco Street,

Clewiston, Florida 33440