SAVE Corporation’s “REAL 9-1-1 Training Certification Simulator”.  Our E911 systems function in a state-of-the-art reality simulation training.  SAVE Corporation creates opportunities to practice “REAL” Procedures & Protocols in a safe and recorded environment.  Multitasking Skills can be evaluated immediately, increasing proficiency, ability and accuracy.  Partnerships with several International Certification Agencies make SAVE Corporation your best choice.
Key Features
• ANI/ALI (Automatic Number Identification/Automatic Location Information) entry.
• Full featured realistic simulation & multi-screen environment.
• Student logins & passwords provide client protection.
• Creates student user histories with voice & data entry for future assessment & review.
• Digital audio creates realistic sound environment.
• Background sound features incorporated for both E-911 Caller and Radio Field Units.
• Phone is TTY/TDD capable, text time stamped for review and Phase II compliant.
• Programmable up to 40 phone lines & 30 radio frequency channels including paging.
• Participants train with real world - phase II E911 and NEX-GEN simulators.
• Provides simulated hands on training for a career with a median annual salary of $36,300
a year, with the top 10 percent earning more than $56,580.
• Cost savings for ongoing training for current dispatchers with new technologies.
• Mistakes participants make in simulation are not damaging to lives or the organization.
Omni-Comm E911 Simulators take the public safety student beyond a call-taking and dispatching experience to the next level of Active Learning.  Create The Best Learning Environment with Certification through Courseware.  SAVE Corporation partners with two International Certification Institutions providing the Best Choice for your Public Safety Program.


              E911 Portable System