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Our Software System Matches Today's Student's Need

Today's job applicants consistently are missing a serious skill set. Virtually all young people today cannot handle a basic phone call. It's not their fault as home phones disappeared over the last decade. The good news is that with the right training program and the right training system you can have Millennials giving the customer service that is in high demand today.

The Best Way to Develop Telephone Skills Is By Doing It!

SAVE offers phone simulation software to meet corporate and classroom needs. Phone simulation software comes complete with no license renewal required. Our phone software gives participants the ability to place calls and build their phone skills in a realistic environment.


The Benefits

  • gives training a genuine sense of realism
  • gives people instant feedback in a safe environment
  • produces confident, knowledgeable, and effective people
  • increases your conversions immediately
  • dramatically improves call handling skills
  • fun and highly effective
  • amazing results

SAVE Corporation phone simulation software can be loaded on laptops or desktops allowing a classroom setting to build skills on various phone etiquette.