Sanders Audio Visual Equipment (SAVE)

Reagan was finishing his first term. Schools were just beginning to embrace technology. Millennials will never know the Pavlovian response to the tone sound to change the filmstrip or the joy of being the film projector mechanic and getting to pull the lever when the film misaligned. But Tony Sanders did and he saw an emerging market supporting schools. The TV show Happy Days was coming to an end just as Mark Zuckerberg was being born. It was 1984.

Tony's new company SAVE Corporation soon saw other school products - language labs, sound systems and computer labs that used disk drives the size of a dinner plate - being in demand. He also expanded into public safety systems, too. 911 was going nationwide. Companies like the Heischman Company, who developed the first analog Radio and Telephone Simulator Systems, needed reliable and trustworthy representation. Tony and SAVE Corp worked across many markets.

As Clinton finished his second term, SAVE Corp was moving more into public safety training and telecommunications. By becoming long term partners with and members of organizations such as: APCO, IAED, ACTE, LAPSEN, CALEA, NENA and countless other worldwide organizations and publications, SAVE Corp continue to provided new technologies by keeping abreast of current training opportunities.

But somethings have never changed - trust, high quality products, reliable support and long term relationships with customers.

More recently SAVE's subsidiary,, has grown into its own. Chris Lieber is taking the wheel after many years of working with Tony and SAVE.

Both Tony and Chris are here to show you the state of the art simulators, help with installations and support you for years to come. That, will NEVER change...


Tony Sanders