SAVE Corporation’s “REAL 9-1-1 Training Certification Simulator”.  Our E911 systems function in a state-of-the-art reality simulation training.  SAVE Corporation creates opportunities to practice “REAL” Procedures & Protocols in a safe and recorded environment.  Multitasking Skills can be evaluated immediately, increasing proficiency, ability and accuracy.  Partnerships with several International Certification Agencies make SAVE Corporation your best choice.

“Real World Training for Real World Professions”

911 Simulator Education

Omni-Comm E911 Simulators take the public safety student beyond a call-taking and dispatching experience to the next level of Active Learning.  Create The Best Learning Environment with Certification through Courseware.  SAVE Corporation partners with two International Certification Institutions providing the Best Choice for your Public Safety Program.

“Make Mistakes Without Making Headlines”

911 Dispatching

Simulator Training benefits well outweigh the costs of Public Safety Workforce Development. Omni-Comm E911 Computer Based Simulators allow for consistency in training, make scheduling easier, and can be repeated accurately for each participant.  SAVE also provides Cost Effective Product Solutions such as the EMD Simulator or Mini-Comm software used to evaluate prospective employees.

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SAVE Corporation’s blog allows customers to log in to find tutorials, articles, links and useful tools and strategies to amplify your Omni-Comm Simulator experience.  Also check for software upgrades, contact technical help and interact with other instructors across the globe and begin your rewarding journey.